"the Warmth of Love"
The Four Seasons of Sophie Thomas

"I'm afraid the most important things of life are being destroyed. We have become consumers of material things. Our children will suffer."

   Her name is Sophie Thomas. It is the year 2000. Sophie is 87. She was married for 62 years and brought 15 children into this world. She never knew her mother or father. They were taken by the flu the year Sophie was born.

   The White Man called her people the Carrier Nation because they carried the ashes of their dead in a pouch for one year. But their real name is "Yunk' Ut Dune", "People of the Earth".

   Sophie's life has always been centered around her mother Earth and her love for her Creator, her compassion for people and her respect for all living things. She posses the greatest gift of all.

May the warmth of love always be with you.

VIDEO - "the Warmth of Love", The Four Seasons of Sophie Thomas

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