"Family is ...

  • Although family is physically separated by distance, it still maintains close ties. A mother's responsibility to her children is for life. It is her responsibility to keep everyone in close contact and to teach the eldest daughter to continue this tradition.

  • Family is where we receive our roots.

  • To me, it used to mean only "nuclear". But since working at the centre, it has grown to include people who aren't blood relations, but that I am involved with, like a spiritual family.

  • The sense of family has to do with the sense of tradition.

  • Family is the extended family, but as Chief the entire community is my family.

  • Family is a place where goodness and strength can begin.

  • A family goes beyond blood relations. It is very much in keeping with the traditional extended family, where the older a person becomes, the larger his or her family becomes, in that his or her duties as an elder will increase to include teaching and setting a role model for the community.