... taken from thoughts put forward by:
Elder Nick Prince and Elder Sophie Thomas.

We, children of mother earth
Are here to deliberate for all we're worth
On the quandary facing us today
On how to save earth for all way.
We have watched the eagles stop to soar,
We have watched the salmon come no more.
Our elder Sophie has lost the plants
So to help us heal - she just can't.
The Nechako River is next to dry -
The poor fish in the summer next to fry.
The bears are moving into town
Because their berry patches no longer abound.
The soaring mountains now are bare
The sight of this should make us aware -
That unless we work together to change all this,
Our future generations will for sure miss -
The clear blue river babbling by our feet,
The fresh mountain air which is hard to beat,
The birds singing loudly on a spring morn,
The sight of deer which should be the norm.
The run of salmon turning the river red,
The sound of laughter as people are fed,
The hours of walking through unlimited trees -
Feeling free and enjoying the breeze.
Let us plan for this future working together,
So that Mother Earth can heal and get better.

"Let The Earth Heal Itself Conference" - February 1, 1995
First Nation's environmental health conference - Prince George, B.C.