Letters from Children to Sophie Thomas

"Children are special. We must bring them up right and look after them. We must always talk to our children. They are special gifts from God"

Dear Sophie,

    "Hi! My name is Courtney and I am 10 years old. I just saw 'The Warmth of Love' yesterday and I loved it! I especially liked the part when you made the cancer medicine." - Courtney

Dear Sophie, Letter from Jonathan

   "Hi, my name is Jonathan. I liked your movie because you cared about the woods and the animals and the water. I watched your movie and it was really good. I liked the way you made all of that medicine out of tree bark and plants." - Jonathan

Dear Sophie,

   "Hi, my name is Ashley. I am 10 years old. Yesterday afternoon at school I saw the video you were in. I really liked the movie and the way you helped people with your medicine." - Ashley

Dear Sophie,

   "My name is Troy. I was very happy to watch the video you were in. I really like the way you make the medicine to help people. Thank you for showing respect for land." - Troy

Dear Sophie,Letter from Nicole

   "I really liked your video. I like your medicine. I think all of the people that you helped are thankful. I like your drum. I hope the water in the river will be non-toxic one day. You are a caring person" - Nicole