Terry Jacks,
 - film producer

   Terry Jacks met Sophie Thomas in Seattle. "I was talking on pulp mill pollution on the British Columbia coast and she was talking on herbal medicines and how they were being destroyed by clear cutting, spraying, chemical fertilizers and by the Sophie Thomas and Terry Jacks damming of rivers. We were bonded by a strong concern - the destruction of our environment through greed."

   The video "the Warmth of Love, The 4 Seasons of Sophie Thomas" was written, produced and directed by Terry Jacks, renowned artist/musician and producer. The title was chosen for the film because of Sophie's undying compassion for her fellow man and the love Sophie has for her Mother Earth - a gift from her Creator to be respected and looked after.

Terry Jacks

   Terry Jacks' early years were spent completely entrenched in the music industry as a songwriter, record producer, and then a singer. As a result he shot to stardom, not only with The Poppy Family, who released the first international hits out of Vancouver ("Which Way You Goin' Billy?", "Where Evil Grows", and "That's Where I Went Wrong"), but even more so as a solo artist. His "Seasons In The Sun" sold over 12 million copies world-wide, making it one of the biggest selling singles of all time. Jacks and The Poppy Family have been the recipients of nine Canadian "Juno" and "Gold Leaf" awards with international sales totaling over 20 million records.

Poppy Family 1969

   After his daughter Holly was born in 1985, Jacks formed "Environmental Watch", a communications network that enlists experts from all fields who donate their talents and services to help secure a better future for our planet. Since then his time has been spent tirelessly defending the environment.

Terry Jacks today

   One of his hard-hitting videos, "The Faceless Ones", achieved 2 gold awards at the New York International Film Festival. In addition Jacks has received several other environmental awards, including one from the United Nations for his work in educating the public on the destruction being caused by British Columbia's pulp mills.

   He continues his fight against the pulp and paper industry, the most toxic industry in North America - an industry that emits a thousand toxic compounds into our environment daily. He states, "The forest industry in British Columbia still practices 'clear-cut' logging methods and continues to use our irreplaceable old-growth forests for its throw-away paper products." - Michael Sherman, "Insight"