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"The water from the mountain is sacred. Things that grow around it make powerful medicine."

Tribe in mourning
Prominent elder and healer dies

by Gordon Hoekstra
Prince George Citizen - March 19, 2010

   Sophie Thomas, a respected Dakelh elder and traditional healer, passed away Wednesday in her Saik'uz village home south of Vanderhoof.

   Thomas was believed to be in her 80s.

   The Carrier Sekani Tribal Council noted Thursday that Thomas was an "incredible" teacher and recognized for her works and contribution to traditional practices and knowledge. (Click for full story)

Honorary Degree Recipients Named
University of Northern British Columbia

February 3, 2010

   Sophie Thomas is a Healer and Elder of the Sai'Kuz First Nation west of Prince George. She is a living encyclopedia of traditional ecological knowledge and provided much of the content and inspiration for the book, The Plants and Medicines of Sophie Thomas, prepared by UNBC professors Jane Young and Alex Hawley and published in 2002. It is currently in its third printing, with 2000 sold to date. She is the mother of 15 children and the traditionally adoptive mother of 15 more. (Click for more)

The forest is Sophie's drugstore
Terry Jacks' film follows native herbalist

by Michael Becker
North Shore News - Friday, September 28, 2001

   CANADIAN pop icon Terry Jacks brings his work as an environmentalist to film with The Warmth of Love, The Four Seasons of Sophie Thomas.

   Thomas is an 88-year-old member of the Frog Clan of the Saik'uz Nation. She lives at Stony Creek, about 95 kilometres west of Prince George. Her grandmother taught her about natural medicinal cures and stewardship of the land.   Click for more

Movies that matter
Vancouver filmmakers are making films that depict the human spirit.

by Stephen Hume
The Vancouver Sun - Saturday, December 9, 2000

   The Four Seasons of Sophie Thomas takes a less journalistic approach to the same general theme, opting instead for the more satisfying poetic visual language of symbol and metaphor. Filmed at Stoney Creek on the much-damaged Nechako River, it's the story of an 87-year-old Carrier elder and her profound knowledge of an ancient wisdom about the medicinal values of plants that too many of us see as either weeds or industrial feedstock.   Click for more

Healer gives the natural gift of life

by Leanne Tarling

   Each of us has our own gift. It might be as simple as the desire to help a neighbour or as complex as practicing medicine.

   Saik'uz elder Sophie Thomas has the greatest gift of all. She saves lives using her herbal medicines, a gift she shares for free. (Click for full story)