"Plants and Medicines of Sophie Thomas"

Based on the Traditional Knowledge of
Sophie Thomas, Sai'kuz Elder and Healer

Table of Contents

1. Important Notice to the Reader
The information contained in this book is only a small part of the knowledge used by Sophie Thomas as a Healer. This book is not a guide to the preparation or prescription of medicines, ... the book is a compilation of traditional Aboriginal information and scientific description of some of the medicinal plants and medicines collected and prepared by Sophie Thomas.

2. Introduction
(a) How This Book Started
(b) About Sophie Thomas
(c) About The Book

Plant Descriptions - A general description of the plant, information on the leaves, flowers,and fruits and a description of the habitat in which the plant lives are provided in the section on botanical description. The section on traditional knowledge includes identification of the part of the plant used for medicine, the time of year the plant is collected for medicine, how the medicine is prepared, and what conditions or ailments are treated with that medicine, as conveyed by Sophie. Photographs are included as an aid to identification of each plant and the part of the plant that is used for medicinal purposes. A summary table of Sophie's medicines and their uses, a glossary of terms, and further readings, are provided for easy reference near the end of the book.

3. Practices in Plant Collection and Preparation of Medicines
(a) Rules of Respect
Plants and Medicines of Sophie Thomas- Click for larger image (b) Prescribing Medicines

4. Plants and Their Medicines
(a) Trees and Shrubs
(b) Wildflowers
(c) Other Higher Plants
(d) Horsetails
(e) Lichens

5. Summary Table of Sophie's Medicines

6. Glossary of Terms

7. Index

8. Further Readings

9. Photo Credits