"If we look after our earth, it will look after us. If we destroy it, we'll destroy ourselves."

"My name is Sophie Thomas. I live by the Nechako River. I make medicines from plants and trees. Dams kill the river.

Big companies are tearing down the old forests where my medicines grow. They spray poisons on the trees what they have no use for. Poison in the air and water."

Tribe in mourning,
Prominent elder and healer dies

  • Prince George Citizen - March 19, 2010
    by Gordon Hoekstra

    Sophie Thomas, a respected Dakelh elder and traditional healer, passed away Wednesday in her Saik'uz village home south of Vanderhoof.

    Thomas was believed to be in her 80s.

    The Carrier Sekani Tribal Council noted Thursday that Thomas was an "incredible" teacher and recognized for her works and contribution to traditional practices and knowledge. (Click for more ...)


  • Mabel
    "My name is Mabel. I had cervical cancer. They told me I had to have radiation. I was three months pregnant. My unborn child would have to be aborted. I was scared. Sophie looked after me. She gave me her medicine. Today my boy is 17 years old."

  • Benny
    "My name is Benny. I came home from the hospital to die. I had cancer in my blood. Sophie took me into her home. She gave me her medicine. That was 1970."